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Mixing &
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Graphic Design

Don't be that person handing out tacky designs that are not even looked at, hand out a product that will attract people to show on to the next person and so on, Our designing branch CTBGFX with over 10+ years experience in design are ready to assist you with all of your designing needs from business cards for your new construction company to an artists album artwork with both top quality and high definition detail. Book your project with CTBGFX today! 

Mixing & Mastering

Having trouble getting your records to match radio quality? Let us help you get your sound to the satisfaction your looking for. MIXEDBYCTB specializes in engineering instrumental and vocal productions of all genres. Using Eq's and Compression and state of the art plug-ins we will bring your track to live from the bass to the clarity so you can have the confidence to play it at any moment and leave your audience surprised. Contact MIXEDBYCTB to discuss your project anytime! 

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recording sessions

Looking for a new studio to record or maybe test run to test our services? See which location is closest to you and book your session and learn why artist love our recording environment. Feel at home and relax while vibing and creating the perfect beat or crank up the lights and turn up and get hype for your session, we have experienced engineers running the session and guiding you throughout the recording. We are all on the same mission, to make a great record!   

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Commercials, Music Videos, Promotional Videos, VLogs, Short Films & more. We are now here to provide you with all your visual needs in 4k quality with the latest editing & effects. From the short budget films to those who are willing the budget more for their image we are working with everyone! 

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Trap beats, rap beats, pop beats, rnb beats, we have beats for days from our producers BEATSBYCTB & many other producers including RISQUEEBEATS, PLUSMINUSBEATS, WORDPLAYMETZGER and many more! We are confident that we have that perfect beat that your looking for to make that song you have been working on just right! Search throughout our beat store and see what you like we have deals & discounts weekly throughout different producers!

Artist development

We strive to build every artist, business/brand when working together no matter what you business is but being an artist and learning to become officially an artist who is able to make a living off their craft/talent. From copyrights, to contracts, P.R.O's and distribution we will explain to you the steps of what you need to do to build your image/brand! Contact us today and ask how we can help you! 

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