video, Animation & photography Services

We are always looking to expand and branch out to provide you with more helpful and useful services to promote your works, we are now proud to be able to provide you quality video and photography, for the business industry to the music industry we are sure we can provide you with the footage you need

Our video services include: 

  • Commercials (business, product, etc) 

  • Music Videos (all genres accepted)

  • Promo Videos (product, artist, etc)

  • VLOGS - (day for day recording)

  • Custom - (tell us what you need)

Our Photo services include: 

  • Family Shoots (outdoor only) 

  • portraits (digital backdrops)

  • Booked Events (concert, session, etc)

  • Product shots (tools, instru. etc)

  • Custom - (tell us what you need)

Our Animation services include: 

  • Logo Intros (business, artist, etc) 

  • Music Video FX (drawn animation effects)

  • cartoon videos (coming soon)

  • Custom - (tell us what you need)

Our video Graphics include: 

  • Motion Flyers (concert/events, etc) 

  • Motion Covers (promo Using cover art)

  • Song release (full audio with motion)

  • Custom - (tell us what you need)

pricing options
on a budget? we offer scheduled payment plans for buying in bulk, if interested contact us so we can fit your budget
NOTE: Pricing for SHOOTS are final, if you feel your project is simpler prices can be negotiated, feel free to contact us and discuss it! 
NOTE: These are estimated prices, if you Project is simpler it could be less for your if it is more complex it could also be more, once you book you project with us we will discuss what all will work it will need done
$50 single shoot
30 pictures/ 10 digital edits
  1 hr max / 1 person max
$100 Single Shoot 
60 pictures / 20 digital edits
2 hrs max / 1 person max
$150 group shoot 
60 pictures / 20 digital edits
3 hrs max / 10 person max
$200 event shoot
music/ reunions / family / etc
50 pictures / 20 digital edits 
$250 Business shoot
products / team / workplace
50 pictures / 25 digital edits
$400 wedding shoot
200 pictures/ 50 digital edits
8 hrs max 
$?? Custom Design?
contact us for pricing
$75 promo video
1 location / 2 hours
$100 Motion covers 
cover art provided
$80 Motion Flyers
Design included / standard size
$100 logo intros
logo not included
3 locations / 3 hours + photos/trailer
$200 Run & Gun PLus
4 locations / 4 hours + photos/trailer
$300 full music video
6 locations / 6 hours + photos/trailer
$200+ commercials
products / workplace
 editing included 
$?? Custom idea?
contact us for pricing
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photo pricing
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