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Never think too BIG

 I'm writing this today because I been sitting here thinking to myself while working in the studio today and I realized everything that I do in here is in result of these crazy ideas that I get and people will tell me, "No Mike this isn't a good idea, its allot of work, too much time, too much money to invest. Only a few people (the people I keep beside me working) believed in the ideas to progress the studio as they came, Really some of my best investments have been leaps of where I didn't know if I would be able to eat for a few nights I would know I had to buckle down my expenses and make sure that I was keeping enough income to stay afloat, but with that crazy idea I started from the bottom and everyone around me seen the progression and the jumps as well as sacrifices that I have had to make creating CTB Studios.

I never woke up out of bed and knew this was destined for me I simply wanted to be an artist myself and realized that I wasn't comfortable recording in the studios in my area so I made one for myself to record the team I had put together, first someone told me I needed to buy some beats and I though, making a beat can't be this hard. Long story short I ended up putting my pen and pad down as an artist and I was now a beat producer producing beats for any and everyone around me for a few years, from there I would need photos to promote my beats and get people to listen to them as well so I had downloaded some off brand designing app and I started learning the trades of designs, sooner or later I ended up dropping the beat producing and going into the field of freelance designing and video editing and began my studies into a whole different area. After doing allot of work for myself I realized I could start this into a service using all of the knowledge I have gained over studying all these new skills. I started with designs and just started doing simple designs for an easy fee to get my name out while still producing beats, by this time me and my team of artist had gotten motivated to get back out there and really push our music so I continued in building the studio to record us.

We started with a rockband mic that went in usb and a bootleg version of FL studio to record the vocals and mixdown, we were recording records left and right out of the dining room of our family home and the word ended up getting out that we were recording, people started calling my phone wanting to record left and right we would sometimes be in here with almost 15 to 20 people and I would be on my pc recording and mixing freestyles for $5.00 each. after I did this for a good amount of time I realized that I had done plenty of mixing and applied many different ideas and learnings to get a better sound but was not satisfied on the quality of our records so I got on the search to find us better equipment (through out all this time working off and on construction jobs that would lay off or run out of work every 6 to 9 months) so getting the real nice equipment took some time I started off with a AKG perception and a focusrite interface and from there we started building our booth up, once we got the booth up we were in action recording artist everyday and as the time progressed I worked up upgrading every service that I provide until I can offer professional quality in all services that we provide. 

This is just a scrape of what it took to get to where we are today, i would love to give you the full run down but I have to get back to these mixes and projects to keep the flow going but the day I'm where I want to be and have people working around me that can take off some of this workflow I will def take the time to give you the full story in high definition!

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