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My name is Mike B aka MikeBusyy. I'm the creator of CTB Studios as well as a main role in every service we provide. I have been studying the art and business of music for a almost a little over a decade. I will not say I can give you the information to get you where you want to be or to make your successful or the next next big hit because allot of that determines on your drive to do that for yourself with the knowledge you learn throughout the journey. I will also say now that I don't know the entire business to a T neither. I still do allot of study myself as well as meeting with others to learn and build together.

We created indieBLOG to provide artist who would like to take the extra time outside of the studio to work on building  their craft. Here we will have advice, tips and convos about building yourself as an artist and creator to music whether you produce, engineer, design, run a business,... I do a little bit of it all and like to build in every direction so if I see it or hear it and think you should know it to progress as a person then I'm going to post it somewhere in this blog. We are all here to build, if you find something that you object with or that I'm doing wrong then feel free to contact me and lets work together to get it right and I will give you credits for your input and help, for those that have a specific concept they would like to see a post about then feel free to contact us and whoever is most experienced in that direction will work on getting a post together! Thanks for the support!!!

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