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Changes Coming to the Rec. Studio

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

We have met many faces and done allot of work this past few years working with many different sounds and styles from all over. Focusing just on our sound digitally in the studio we have been able to get our sound to match industry quality and continue to keep up with the latest trends in digital software to keep our sound up to date along with the rest! Thanks to everyone who has been booking with us from past returning clients to the ones we just met yesterday, we are excited to continue to grow and be able to provide better for you!


Whats Changing?

A big focus this upcoming year is going to be getting the image of the studio how we want it, we have the quality now we want that luxury space that we need to put us in the better vibe to create hit music as well as the hardware to clean up our sound before it even touches the mix & master stages. It has been fun providing everyone with a quality sound for $20/hour but to continue to grow an get better equipment & subscriptions it is time to raise the bar a bit. If these prices are to steep for you we completely understand you having to leave our studio for a more affordable place to match your budget, we supplied $15/hr for 2 years, $20/ for 2 years, for those who have been working with us allot throughout these 4 - 5 years will be given discounts as well for staying loyal to our business.

How much will change?

Studio Time - this time it will be a different change. There will be 2 options to your session

  1. $20 / Recording Only (for those wanting engineering done later or elsewhere)

  2. $30 / Mixing and Mastering within Session (for those wanting their songs finished within the session)

this way you will still be able to get your studio time for $20/hr if your not needing all the tech. work but the mixing and mastering will not be included within the time booked it will only get a basic mix (autotune, compression, eq, reverb, etc) and will need to be paid for separately to finish your song( full mix + mastered) for those wanting mixing and mastering within your sessions the rate will be $30/hr (with great discounts for bulk time) this is not a high increase especially for the sound and work our engineers are putting in and we hope we have made it understood to our clients why we are making these increases.

When will these changes take effect?

These changes go into effect for new artist coming to our studios starting Jan. 1st. for artist we have already established relationships and work with this price change will go into effect April 1st. (allowing 90 days of normal pricing for those needing to finish incomplete projects with planned pricing)


Its 2021 an time to step our game up to stand out from the rest, we are excited for the changes as we know it will all be a part of moving forward together for the better!

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